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Travel to Cartagena, Colombia

and live an exclusive TOP experience Like a Local

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To have a real and meaningful experience

You must

Live and breathe Cartagena
Like a Cartagenero does:

Go to the traditional places

where only the real Cartagenero hang out and adjust everything to your itinerary and relaxation plans so you can feel like you have actually made the most of your trip.

See the real way

of living and culture of Cartagena and not some last-minute organized tour that’s only looking to get your money.

Going to connect

with the local people and forget about all your work problems. Don’t worry, we won’t forget about all the bio-security measures and your bilingual tour guide will support if anything is needed.

Hi, I’m Jorge Mondol and I am professional tourist guide.

I will help you to create an exclusive tailor-made tour so you can:

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