How to

Travel to Cartagena, Colombia

and live an exclusive TOP experience like a local

To have a real and meaningful experience

You must

live and breathe Cartagena like a Cartagenero does:


Go to the traditional places

where only the real Cartagenero hang out and adjust everything to your itinerary and relaxation plans so you can feel like you have actually made the most of your trip.


See the real way

of living and culture of Cartagena and not some last-minute organized tour that’s only looking to get your money.


Going to connect

with the local people and forget about all your work problems. Don’t worry, we won’t forget about all the bio-security measures and your bilingual tour guide will support if anything is needed.

Jorge Mondol
Hi, I’m Jorge Mondol and I am professional tourist guide. I will help you to create an exclusive tailor-made tour so you can:


Relax and breath fresh air and have direct contact with the nature through local eco-touristic activities where all your senses are going to melt.


Enjoy the culture and history of Cartagena cozied up with your partner and no one else and far away from your hectic life.


Escape from your daily work routine and spend a great time with you beloved one at paradisical beaches, enjoy sunsets and taste typical local food.
I was born and bred in Cartagena Colombia, and I have more than 15 years of experience working in the traveling industry of my city and during the lockdown due pandemic I started to promote my city by delivering virtual travel experiences so you could watch my city from your comfortable sofa; So as a real local Cartagenero. I’m sure you could agree with me when I say that it’s stressful to travel to a place where you don’t know if the things you have planned are going to give you that out-of-the-box experience, because when it happened to me and my family, I knew I didn’t want anybody else to go through uncertainty, and worst of all, to have a bad experience in the city I love with all my heart .
And it’s because of this genuine love that I have for my city that I have come up with the perfect formula so you can relax, recharge your life with new energy and discover the secrets of Cartagena de Indias with your other half.

My formula:


LEARN about local culture and breathe like a local.
Unique and Top Experiences at unique locations.
to a local entrepreneur tour guide.
and tailored made trip to your needs(Time, choice, and budget).
experiences going back home reconnected with your loved one, relaxed and full of energy.
If there is something that you don’t like about my service, you can take my tour plan and I will give you back your money and no questions asked.
15 days guarantee seal.

I know that

My formula works

because some customers have lived the experience already

There’s nothing more rewarding!
Tam T.
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Thank you for making a trip to Colombia possible.
Denise H.
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Nice personality, beautiful place excellent tour.
Marjorie G.
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Very colourful and plenty information.
Valerie F.
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Nice personality, beautiful place and excellent tour.
leeann l.
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Very enthusiastic, articulate, knowledgeable.
Sally M.
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The pink sea was very pleasant to look at…. Enjoyable tour!!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, I do, and I speak a bit of French and Portuguese.
I have a Biosafety course certificate for the reactivation of tourism in the city.
Yes, the restrictions are being adjusted according to the behavior of active cases of COVID 19 in the country. I will explain to you all the restrictions that apply according to your travel date.
Yes, I am vaccinated with Sinovac.
In addition of being exclusive tours for a maximum of 4 people per tour, we keep the distance in transportation, both tourists and guides will continue to wear face masks, hand sanitizers or antibacterial gel.
Only expenses not specified in the itinerary such as hotels, food, air tickets.

The best time to travel to Cartagena de Indias is during the months of December to April for dry season, however all year round the city welcome hundreds of tourists from all of the world.

Tours are exclusive for one couple and maximum 4 people if the customer requires so with exception of boat trip to Rosario Islands.

Yes, I receive payment from abroad by PayPal, my profile is

Yes, born and raised in Cartagena